Friday, 25 July 2014

FULL VIDEO of Paul "Kill the Gays" Shinners Speaking in Uganda

Here are the 6 minute "highlights" of the 7th National Day of Prayer in Uganda, where Homophobic Evangelical Paul Shinners spoke in favour of Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality, which was known as the "Kill the Gays" Bill as it included the DEATH PENALTY at the time...

Below is the full 51 minute video. After condemning the west for their opposition to the Bill, he condemns the media for trying to trap him and his Homophobic host, Bishop David Kiganda regarding their support for the Bill. He repeatedly talks about the west and media pointing fingers at Uganda and it's politicians and says that Obama should get his own house in order before pointing fingers at Uganda. He drives this message home by talking about the "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" story of the Bible. Rather than use this story to say that Uganda should not murder homosexuals, he uses it to say that the west should not judge Uganda because they have issues of their own. He then goes on to repeat the story he told the previous year about his wife being abused at the age of 6 and being unable to bear children, but says he now has 2 children. He says they are a blessing from god, but in the UK he has said that both his children are cursed and have demons in them as they were born Autistic as a punishment for being a womaniser when he was a professional football player. He then tells the barren women to stand and tells them god will give them children by the next year. He also claims that on his previous visit in 2011 he had a terminal, neurological condition affecting his brain for which there was no cure and that it caused his head to lean to one side. He said this could be seen in pictures and video from the previous event, however there appears to be no such leaning on the other video and he seemed perfectly healthy and more energetic than he did in 2012. He said that when he returned to the UK from Uganda god had cured him of his terminal disease. He also said that Uganda had been cursed by Satan and that the curse is now lifted and god will bless Uganda and bring them wealth and prosperity. He says that the countries that have threatened to withhold aid over the "Kill the Gays" Bill will soon be coming to Uganda begging for money from them

By explicitly mentioning and supporting the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, he has shown him to be a complete liar. In an email to me last year on the 9th February 2013 he said "It is such a shame that you did not consult with us first to help make sure the legislation is not passed in Uganda. We too are against the bill and could have used our influence to help stop it if we had known earlier." He both knew about the bill and supported it before I contacted him and everything he did and said to me, other individuals, the public and local press and the charity commission after that was just lies and deception to cover his tracks.
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