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VIDEO Showing Homophobic UK Evangelical Speaking in Uganda

The vile, odious UK hate preacher Paul Shinners went to Uganda on the 31st December 2012 and stood on stage with a number of other preachers and joined in with calls to pass the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. At the time it was known as the "Kill the Gays Bill" as the punishment for homosexuality was the DEATH PENALTY.

Despite being quoted speaking in favour of the Bill in the Monitor, a Ugandan Newspaper, he denied what he said and embarked on a campaign of lies and deceit to cover his actions. He made false statements to the local press in the UK and sent two of his colleagues Phil Groom and Chris Jefferies to be his mouth piece on Facebook and Blog posts on the subject. They were rude, belligerent and facetiously trying to cause arguments and discredit the reports and anyone trying to bring these disgraceful activities to the public's attention. Shinners played the victim and made empty threats of taking legal action against anyone who spoke against him. He lied to and manipulated the local papers to make himself seem the innocent victim.

He made many efforts to eradicate all evidence of what he said in Uganda. All of David Kiganda's events are recorded and available to be purchased with the exception of the event Paul Shinners spoke at. He had successfully had the recording removed from most data sources in Uganda for "security reasons". 

That is why it took so long to come to light, but I have finally managed to acquire a recording. 

Here is what was said by this evil, deceitful man in support of the "Kill the Gays" Bill...

Here is a 2 minute clip. For extended clip showing more homophobic remarks and the full 51 minute video please go to the latest post by clicking here.

Shinners criticises Barack Obama for his opposition to the Bill and persecution of Homosexuals, praises Uganda for what they are doing, says people in the UK support them and says that they are making "a stand for God" and that God is happy that they are trying to pass legislation that would give homosexuals the death penalty

Here is the original article in the Ugandan Newspaper: 

Calls to pass the anti-gays Bill dominate New Year messages

Paul Shinners is the Managing Director of the UK Registered Charity, Passion for Souls Ministries. He also runs the Christian Cafe/Bookshop, the Cornerstone Cafe in St. Neots. 

Address: 2-6 Cambridge St, St Neots PE19 1JL
Phone: 01480 471505

Paul Shinners is guilty of Hate Crimes and has gone against International Human Rights Laws. He is a religious extremist and has a Messiah Complex. He claims he is like Jesus and has cured Cancer, the blind and homosexuals among other things...

These claims made on his website are illegal under the Cancer Act of 1939.

Shinners has not only lied to his customers, the local community, the local papers and anyone who has asked for clarification on his views, but he has also lied to the Charity Commission. Despite what he said in Uganda, he still enjoys tax free Registered Charity status and relies on volunteers to staff his cafe and maximize his profit. He is a stain on the reputation of Christians everywhere and is as evil, misguided and delusional as the Muslim extremists who spread hatred and convince others to commit horrible acts of terror. 

As a result of Shinners actions and the other Ugandan Christian Pastors, the Bill was passed by Parliament and signed into law by the Ugandan President, Museveni. Although the DEATH PENALTY was removed at the last minute, the passage has been seen as a green light for mob violence and police brutality towards members of the LGBT community in Uganda. Shinners is aware of the beatings and murders that have increased ten-fold since the Bill was signed in February. Lesbian women are subjected to "Corrective Rape" to cure them of there homosexuality and the situation is so bad right now that many have committed or attempted suicide because the situation seems so desperate. When I spoke to Shinners he showed no remorse, empathy or concern for the plight of the LGBT community in Uganda and only spread more lies and played the victim.

He has said that homosexuality is a sin and a lifestyle choice and has acted out fisting and claimed that homosexuals lick their hands afterwards. This is very reminiscent of Pastor Martin "eat da poo poo" Ssempa who has shown graphic gay porn in Bishop David Kiganda's Church. Kiganda was also Shinners host in Uganda on many of his visits over the last decade, including on the 31st December 2012. The following video shows Ssempa and Kiganda as leaders of the National Task Force Against Homosexuality and showing pornography in Kiganda's Church...

Here you can see Shinners' host, Kiganda discussing Sodom and Gomorrah and Kiganda and Ssempa praying over David Bhati, the MP who presented the bill to parliament back in 2009...

In addition to his views on homosexuality, Shinners has told myself and others that children who are born disabled are born that way because of demons. He has said that all his children have demons in them and were born Autistic as a punishment because he was a womaniser in his days as a professional footballer. He performs exorcisms each Thursday in his cafe to remove people's demons. He calls these exorcisms "deliverances" and they are often performed on the weak, ill and vulnerable and keeps them coming back with false claims and false hope that he can heal them.

Shinners needs to be stripped of his Registered Charity Status and face what he has done and suffer the legal, personal and financial ramifications of his despicable actions.

Shinners has had the unwavering support of his fellow trustees which include his wife and the former police officer Paul Imrie (who were with him in Uganda when he preached against homosexuality) and the members of his former church, River Church. The head of the Church (Rob McFarlane) and one of the leaders (Jim Fitzgerald) of River church used to be trustees of Shinners' charity. Shinners claimed to have nothing to do with River Church, but this was just another lie. Shinners' Passion for Souls website used to claim "We are proud members of River Church," but since he was caught in Uganda speaking in favour of the "Kill the Gays" Bill he left the church and become the leader of his own Church based in his Cafe. 

Below is a photo of Shinners standing next to Rob McFarlane, the head of River Church, who also ran a Evangelical Church in Africa for 18 years in Zimbabwe where like Uganda, homosexuality is also illegal...

In a sermon by Rob McFarlane at River Church St Neots, he said (at the 21 minute mark):-

"The LORD will grant that the enemies who rise up against you, will be defeated before you. And they will come at you from one direction, but flee from you from you in seven. How awesome. I can see them coming against that Cornerstone shop and there's seven directions and four will go down North, South, East, West, the four corners. I don't know where the others are going to go, but they're going."

-from "Paid in Full" on Sunday 24th April 2011

The links followed on River Church's website show that they take a deeply homophobic view on the LGBT community, for example supporting Conversion Therapy (which is dangerous and has a zero success rate and only leads to depression and suicide).

Rather than denounce Paul Shinners' anti-gay rhetoric in Uganda where he spoke in favour of the DEATH PENALTY for homosexual acts, McFarlane openly supports this vile man. McFarlane is also a religious extremist and fundamentalist. If he want's to spread his hate and intolerance he should go back to his home country where it is legal to do so. If Muslim hate clerics like Abu Qatada get deported, why not do the same to the Christian ones?

McFarlane even wrote a book on how to recruit children, which is the very thing that Shinners and his evangelical colleagues are falsely accusing homosexuals of doing in Uganda. The irony and hypocrisy would be amusing if they weren't destroying people's lives in the process.

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