Monday, 12 May 2014

Passage of Uganda's Anti-Gay Law has led to Tenfold increase in Homophobic Attacks

Passage of the recent anti-LGBT law in Uganda has led to tenfold increase in attacks according to a report by Sexual Minorities Uganda...

Uganda has suffered an alarming increase in attacks on gay, lesbian and transgender people since the Anti-Homosexuality Act (AHA) late last year, research has found.

The report, compiled by Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), detailed an attempted lynching, mob violence, homes burned down, blackmail, lost jobs, arrests, evictions and suicides. The number of recorded incidents had increased tenfold, the group said. At least 25 people were reported to have fled Uganda, seeking asylum in neighbouring Kenya and Rwanda.

“The passing of AHA has given permission to a culture of extreme and violent homophobia whereby both state and non-state actors are free to persecute Uganda’s LGBTI people with impunity,” the report states.

The survey recorded 162 incidents since the legislation was passed by parliament last December. By comparison, Sexual Minorities Uganda recorded only eight incidents in the rest of 2013 and 19 in the whole of 2012.

“[This] represents an increase of between 750% and 1,900% on previous years,” the report notes, “an increase which can only be explained by the passage of the AHA and the virulently homophobic atmosphere this has engendered.”

In four cases, men accused of being gay were kidnapped and tortured. There were 29 incidents where the media “outed” individuals who were later subjected to further persecution.

A 17-year-old boy committed suicide by swallowing rat poison and pills on 3 April because he felt his life had no further value. For more please read the following article...

Saturday, 10 May 2014

The UK Government plays host to Ugandan President on same day anti-gay trial begins

UK Government hosts Ugandan President for a Buisness Forum as the first anti-gay trial begins...

The trial of Kim Mukisa and Jackson Mukasa is the first under the new legislation. The couple were arrested in January fleeing a lynch mob, according to human rights groups.

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni, who believes gay people are “disgusting”, has spoken at a Business Forum hosted by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) at Lancaster House in London.

Around a dozen gay rights activists, led by veteran campaign Peter Tatchell, held a protest outside the forum.

 @David_Cameron condemns homophobia worldwide. Why did @foreignoffice host today's UK-Uganda Business Summit with anti-gay tyrant ?

“Gay people are not the cause of Uganda’s problems," Tatchell said. "The government of Uganda should fight poverty and HIV, not gay people."

Monday, 5 May 2014

More Anti-Gay Rhetoric from Paul "Kill the Gays" Shinners, Head of River Church still supports Shinners and more attacks in Uganda...

Despite being caught in Uganda saying that the country would be blessed if they give all gay people the DEATH PENALTY, Paul Shinners has continued his anti-gay rhetoric saying that "God said it's Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve." and Shinners claims to have the POWER TO CURE ALL GAYS OF THEIR HOMOSEXUALITY and in the past few months has cured a friend's wife who ran off with another woman and Shinners "healed" her and she is now back with her husband.

Virtually every Thursday session at his cafe decends into depraved, derogitory discussions on Homosexuality. He even graphically mimes FISTING and has been described as a pervert while doing so. He is obsessed with homosexuality and turning people against the LGBT community in the UK and in Africa.

Shinners also hosted an Anti-Gay US Pastor (who "cures" LGBT people) for a talk on Homosexuality in his Cafe and Shinners has recently started another church in the nearby town of Bedford.

In a recent sermon by Rob McFarlane at River Church St Neots, he said (at the 21 minute mark):-

"The LORD will grant that the enemies who rise up against you, will be defeated before you. And they will come at you from one direction, but flee from you from you in seven. How awesome. I can see them coming against that Cornerstone shop and there's seven directions and four will go down North, South, East, West, the four corners. I don't know where the others are going to go, but they're going."

"Paid in Full" on Sunday 24th April 2011

Rob McFarlane is a former trustee of Paul "Kill the Gays" Shinners' charity (Passion for Souls Ministries, which runs the Cornerstone Cafe) and had a ministry in Zimbabwe for 18 years (Where like Uganda, homosexuality is ILLEGAL) before moving to the UK. The links followed on River Church's website show that they take a deeply homophobic view on the LGBT community, for example supporting Conversion Therapy (which is dangerous and has a zero success rate and only leads to depression and suicide).

Rather than denounce Paul Shinners' anti-gay rhetoric in Uganda where he spoke in favour of the DEATH PENALTY for homosexual acts, McFarlane openly supports this vile man. McFarlane is a religious extremist and fundamentalist. If he want's to spread his hate and intolerance, maybe he should go back to his home country where it is legal to do so. If Muslim hate clerics like Abu Qatada get deported, why not do the same to the Christian ones?

McFarlane even wrote a book on how to recruit children, which is the very thing that Shinners and his evangelical colleagues are falsely accusing homosexuals of doing in Uganda. The irony and hypocrisy would be amusing if they weren't destroying lives in the process. 

In Uganda man arrested JUST for kissing another man...

In other News,suspected person arrested,detained at Munyonyo police station.Police say whistle blower said;suspect kissed a same sex person

Homophobic attacks and Police harassment continue in Uganda...

My friends attacked by homophobes & robbed at Entebbe road, police harassing man suspected to be gay in Makindye what a weekend - Uganda

First trial under Uganda's new Anti-Gay law starts Wednesday 7th May 9am...
The first trial for consensual same sex relations in Uganda may take place on Wednesday 7th.May.9.00am Buganda Road Chief Magistrates court