Friday, 1 August 2014

Ugandan Court Rules Anti-Homosexuality Act As Unconstitutional, But The Fight Is Far From Over

The Constitutional Court in Kampala has declared the passing of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill into an act as null and void. On Friday, a panel of five judges unanimously nullified the Anti-Homosexuality Act on grounds that it was passed without the required quorum.

LGBT activist Kasha and colleagues celebrate after court nullified the anti-homosexuality law

However, the Government is now going to petition Supreme Court over Court ruling on the Anti-Homosexuality law. David Bahati, the MP who introduced the bill in 2009, has said that the Attorney General will petition the Supreme Court over the Constitutional Court ruling on the Act, just hours after the court nullified it.

“I want to thank the speaker, MPs who stood for what is right. The court case ruling is no victory at all, the morals of the people of Uganda will prevail,” Mr Bahati said in a press briefing before adding, “The Attorney General who is very competent will petition the constitutional court over the constitutional court ruling. Our competent legal team will continue to petition the Supreme Court and I believe we will win.”

Before the court ruling Bishop David Kiganda (the Ugandan host of UK hate preacher Paul Shinners on at least 2 occasions) said the following on a radio talk show:

"If gays win the court case tomorrow, trust me we are going to slaughter them, they are few in numbers and we know that."

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