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Situation in Uganda worsens and Shinners still remains SILENT

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A Human Rights Defender in Uganda has posted the following critical warning, as news filters in of possibly 3 men, perceived as gay, being attacked and seriously injured in Uganda...

There has been identified torturing building In Bwenyogere ,that is Jinja Road, on LGBT in UGANDA,
Its my humble request to all lgbt community in Uganda not to go to Bweyogerere in case some one calls you.
They call you pretending they are member of the community /A member calling you for assistance to rescue him,when you reach there,they :
-beat u up severely
-undress you
-Take all your belongs
and very many other physical torture..

After that they force to u to call one of your friend to go and pick you up and when he/she comes they also do the same torture to that person…
I kindly ask you to start being cautious of the phone calls you receive, don’t allow to go anywhere if someone calls you for help especially Bweyogerere please for the good of your own safety…….

LGBT Activists in Uganda have also been attacked online...

My dear followers, I've been hacked so please DO NOT click the link sent from my account. Most Ugandan LGBT activists are experiencing this.

At least 10 LGBT activists have reported the hacking of their online accounts- social media, emails and phones. We are not safe.

The following video shows Ugandan President Museveni being interviewed about the Anti-Homosexuality Act. He says being gay is "disgusting" and not a human right...

Museveni's "scientists" have shown him that being gay is not genetic and is a learned, unnatural behaviour. Secretary of State John Kerry announced on Tuesday U.S. plans to send homosexuality experts to Uganda to discuss the country’s new Anti-Homosexuality Act with President Museveni. Kerry says Ugandan president has agreed to meeting and is hopeful 'we can reach a point of reconsideration.' 

Scott Lively: Revolution coming because people are ‘fed up’ with ‘homosexual agenda.’ Scott Lively (the architect of the Ugandan and Russian anti-gay laws) was a guest on a radio program on Monday discussing the “homosexual agenda.” Lively asserted that America will soon undergo both a secular revolution and a simultaneous Christian revival because people are “fed up” with the “lawlessness” that is “exemplified by the homosexual agenda.”

“Homosexuality always is used a symbol of extreme rebellion against God, on the verge of judgment,”Lively said, “and that’s where we are now in our country. It’s a powder keg and I think we’re going to see some real explosive changes are going to take place”...

Scott Lively is on a relentless crusade to bring an end to homosexuality. He has largely lost his battle in the US and the west, so he is spreading his hate elsewhere in the world. A number of his evangelical colleagues, including UK based evangelical charity owner Paul Shinners, have followed his lead in spreading vile anti-gay propaganda around the world, particularly in Africa.

Paul Shinners has been a big influence on the Anti-Gay law in Uganda. He has constantly lied, misdirected and played the victim to protect his business. 

Shinners told some people he hadn't even been to Uganda. This was a lie. There are photos of him on the poster for an Anti-Gay rally in Uganda and at a conference days before the rally, posing with members of the military and preaching at a church and "healing people." 

Paul Shinners stood on stage at the National Prayer Day with a number of known homophobic pastors and joined in with calls to pass the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which at the time included the DEATH PENALTY. Shinners commended Uganda for the Bill. He was quoted in the Ugandan newspaper the Monitor as saying the bill was a clear stand for God. Shinners said, “There is no other nation world over that has such a plan and through this, Uganda is going to be blessed.” Paul Shinners has violated the Charity commission rules and has contributed the the human rights abuses taking place in Uganda. 

Shinners said, "we could have used our influence to help stop it" over a year ago, but did nothing and the bill is now law. His charity status must be removed and he should apologise to the LGBT community in Uganda and keep his word and try and use his influence to get the law repealed. Shinners should contribute to funds set up to help LGBT individuals escape Uganda due to the persecution they now face in part due to his actions.
Shinners claimed to have no association with River Church, part of the Evangelical Alliance, which clearly states a homophobic position on it's website and criticises attempts by other Churches to accept homosexuality. They state...
"We believe both habitual homoerotic sexual activity without repentance and public promotion of such activity are inconsistent with faithful church membership."

Sounds a lot like the Ugandan and Russian laws! They also encourage gay conversion therapy, which has been condemned by the UK’s most senior mental health bodies in a recently released joint statement condemning ‘gay cure’ therapy...

Psychologist groups say conversion therapy is dangerous, has the potential to cause harm, and is often based on religion than actual understanding of sexuality. It has been shown not to work and often leads to depression and suicide. The Church of Uganda will be setting up ‘gay cure’ groups. Past gay ‘cures’ by the Anglican Church in Uganda have included beatings and exorcisms to draw out gay demons.

Paul Shinners claimed to have nothing to do with River Church, but this was another lie.

Shinners' Passion for Souls website used to claim "We are proud members of River Church," but since he was caught in Uganda speaking in favour of the "Kill the Gays" Bill he left the church and become the leader of his own Church based in his Cafe. 

Below is a photo of Shinners standing next to Rob McFarlane, the head of River Church, who also ran a Evangelical Church in Africa for 18 years in Zimbabwe where like Uganda, homosexuality is also illegal...

Not only was Paul Shinners a part of this homophobic Church (run by McFarlane) at the time of many of his trips to Uganda to "spread the word of god," but Rob McFarlane and Jim Fitzgerald were also both trustees of Shinners charity "Passion for Souls Ministries." McFarlane and Fitzgerald are both members of the "Eldership Team" at River Church.




Registered Charity No: 1131321


The Trustees, since the date of inception, 24th August 2009, up until the date of approval of the accounts were as follows:

Mr Paul Shinners
Mrs Michelle Shinners
Mr Rob McFarlane (resigned 31/10/2011) ***
Mr Jim Fitzgerald (resigned 31/07/12) ***

Registered Address

41 Ivel Gardens


Barclays Bank Plc

Independent Examiner

David Brown FCA
Executive Suite
The A 1 Lifestyle Village
Great North Road
Little Paxton
St Neots

River Church Eldership Team...
Rob & Gill McFarlane
Rob & Gill McFarlane serve as the Lead Elders of River Church. They moved to the United Kingdom to plant River Church after 18 years of ministry in Zimbabwe. They also serve on the NCMI trans-local team.

Jim & Pam Fitzgerald

Jim & Pam Fitzgerald
Jim & Pam Fitzgerald serve as Elders at River Church. They are responsible for our Community Projects. They love God and love people.

With a combined 28 years experience preaching in African countries where homosexuality is illegal, for Shinners and McFarlane to claim to have no knowledge of the homophobic attitude and propaganda in Uganda is just facetious and a blatant lie.

Shinners also lied about rescheduling a meeting with me to avoid answering questions and when I did meet him only after standing outside his shop and protesting he told me he had a recording "proving" him innocent, but when a reporter from a local newspaper asked him if he had a recording that would clear the situation up, Shinners said that he had never made a recording. He was lying to one of us.

Shinners has also abused his position as leader of a church, which he now runs out of his charity owned Cafe. He has betrayed the confidence of his congregation for his own personal gain and self-gratification and has caused physical and emotional harm and destroyed people's lives and relationships.

Shinners also makes false claims that he can cure the blind, heal spine injuries and even cure Cancer, removing all trace of the disease. This is illegal under the Cancer Act of 1939.

Paul Shinners is a dangerous, deceptive individual and should not have charity status. Persecuting gay people is not a charitable purpose! 

Why can't Shinners return his accounts on time? 48 days late so far! Seems very suspicious...

Financial summary   
Financial year end (FYE)IncomeSpendingAccounts receivedAnnual Return/Annual Update receivedView
31 Mar 2013Not received (48 days overdue)Not received (48 days overdue)
31 Mar 2012£33,760£35,29401 Feb 2013 (1 day late)19 Feb 2013 (19 days late)Accounts
31 Mar 2011£39,063£38,41627 Mar 2012 (56 days late)27 Mar 2012 (56 days late)Accounts
31 Mar 2010£1,692£750Not Required18 Apr 2011 **
** Annual Update received - charity below Annual Return £10,000 threshold for this financial year

Please sign and share the following petition to have UK based Paul Shinners' charity status revoked!! He spoke in favour of Uganda's anti-gay bill while it still included the DEATH PENALTY!!!

There have been murders and an increase in homophobic attacks and mob violence since the bill was passed and signed. Paul Shinners showed complete indifference to the plight of the LGBT people and only cares about himself.

Anti-Gay sentiment is spreading in Africa. Lawmakers in Ethiopia are expected to pass into law a bill that would make same-sex acts a non-pardonable offense...

“The situation, however, is getting worse as it seems the government is trying to its emulate Nigeria’s and Uganda’s anti-gay laws.”
LGBT Ugandans have told us how to be helpful advocates for them...

Please BOYCOTT the Cornerstone Cafe, St Neots, Cambridgeshire, run by Anti-Gay Evangelical Paul Shinners...

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