Monday, 3 March 2014

Anti-Gay Violence continues in Uganda... Shinners still silent

This is the way gay people are treated in Uganda following the passage of the Anti-Homosexuality bill...

Contrast this with a picture of Paul Shinners taken in Uganda days before he stood on a stage in front of 10s of thousands with fellow evangelicals to call for the passage of the bill while it still included the DEATH PENALTY...

Shinners claimed last year that he could use "his influence" in Uganda to stop the bill, but has had a whole year and done NOTHING.

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The day after Museveni passed Uganda’s law, Ugandan tabloid paper Red Pepper recklessly published a list of the ‘top 200 gays’ in Uganda. Many of them were being outed for the first time.

A few years ago, the now-defunct Rolling Stone paper published its own list of purported gay Ugandans. Months later, gay rights activist David Kato was murdered in his home. This is no coincidence.

Kato did successfully bring charges against Rolling Stone, but by then it was too late. This was before the Anti-Homosexuality Bill became law; those named have fewer rights now. Red Pepper should also face charges – the law cites the duty of editors and broadcasters to protect confidentiality; the maximum fine for outing someone in a newspaper is around £1,175.

One of the men outed in the Red Pepper spoke to the BBC about how he can no longer speak to his family or return to Uganda after his name appeared on the list. 
Uganda anti-gay laws: 'They can beat you up and kill you.'

LGBTI activist Frank Mugisha appealed to the police for protection:

Uganda Police Do some thing about the press on gay people in uganda,I plead please you know our society it's like throwing them to wolves

Anti-Gay sentiment is spreading in Africa. Robert Mugabe: "I’ve only just learned there are gays in Zimbabwe." Zimbabwean president defends anti-gay laws in Uganda, and hints at a further crackdown of LGBTI people in his own country...

Uganda threatens to cut ties with Church of England over gay rights. Stanley Ntagali, the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, has accused the Anglican Church of being 'spiritually blind' on the issue of homosexuality

Uganda warns health will suffer as donors cut aid over anti-gay law. Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi has said the government will be forced to make reductions and cutbacks in the face of the World Bank freezing $90 million in aid

Uganda anti-gay bill author David Bahati says Western aid cuts are a small price to pay...

The UK also needs to cut it's aid to Uganda. It is through economic and political pressure that this unconstitutional, horrific law will be overturned.

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