Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill To Become Law, Shinners Still Silent

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni is believed to have signed the anti-gay bill into law, punishing gay people with life imprisonment...

The following video shows Museveni declaring war on the "Homosexual lobby"....

He said, “We shall have a war with the homosexual lobby, in the world, backed by these people and you.”

This new law will make the lives of Ugandan homosexuals even more difficult, who already live in fear for their lives.

UK based Evangelist Paul Shinners stood on a stage and joined with other Evangelical Leaders in calling for this bill to be passed. He has shown no repentance and has done nothing to reverse the effect his words have had on Uganda and the LGBT community.

This is what happens to innocent Ugandan homosexuals, on the street in broad daylight. This is what happens in the name of God when the bible is twisted and used to spread hate in the world. This is the fault of a number of Christian Evangelicals. People whose extreme homophobic rhetoric is no longer tolerated in the Western world, so they take their vile propaganda to Africa and prey on the impoverished, misinformed and ill-educated people of the world. They drum up so much hate and anger that things like this are unfortunately a regular occurrence...

Another Ugandan Gay Man Killed in Uganda - Kampala

Any good Christian person would be appalled by what is happening in the name of Christianity, God and the Bible...

While the West is making great strides and breakthroughs in LGBT rights, Russia and many parts of Africa are moving in the wrong direction. When will the world learn that regardless of race, gender, sexuality or disability, we are all human and all deserve to love, be happy and have our human rights respected.

Paul Shinners has been travelling to Africa for around 10 years and at an Anti-Gay rally in Uganda was quoted as saying Uganda will be "blessed" if they pass the Anti-homosexuality Bill, which at the time included the death penalty. Last year he claimed he could use his influence to stop it, but has done nothing. He has shown complete apathy to the plight of the Ugandan homosexuals who have suffered in part due to his actions. Paul Shinners has a recording of the Anti-Gay rally he attended, but he refuses to make it public. He has been shown to be an untrustworthy liar on countless occasions, but wants people to take his word on the contents of the tape. Why won't he release the recording?

He continues to have a thriving business (Cornerstone Cafe, St Neots, Cambridgeshire, UK) that he runs under the umbrella of his charity (Passion for Souls), relying on volunteers to staff it and taking money of the unaware, good Christian community of St. Neots, as well as those who support his actions in Uganda and the rest of Africa.

St Neots residents... please boycott the Cornerstone Cafe in St Neots. Show Paul Shinners that his beliefs and actions will not be tolerated in out town...

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