Thursday, 20 February 2014

The lies and deception continue from Anti-Gay Evangelical Paul Shinners

A sadly one sided account of the recent protest of and controversy surrounding Anti-Gay Evangelical Paul Shinners...

Paul told the protesters in the Cafe that he had not been to Uganda and he was being confused with somebody else. This was a lie.

He told me he had a recording of the event, but told the reporter for the Cambridge News he did not.

He makes false claims of being able to cure cancer and the blind.

He told the lesbian lgbt human rights campaigner that "god loves her despite what you do."

He is willing to deny what he said to local papers, but has done nothing to reach out to his contacts in Uganda to condemn the bill. Shinners told me he could use his "influence" in Uganda to stop the bill almost a year ago, but has done nothing.

“There were about 60,000 people in the stadium and not one single person made an allegation."
“If I had said that I would have been headline news around the world.”

All 60,000 were in support of the bill, why would any of them have made an allegation against him. He is just one of many who support this type of legislation in Africa. Evangelical Scott Lively was instrumental in the crafting of the bill in Uganda and Russia's new anti-gay legislation, but he has not made headlines around the world.

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